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“Laura Hale is a dynamic organizer, project manager and problem solver. Always with an eye for ensuring EVERYONE is included, Laura really excels at relationship-based work that makes sure all voices included in a process are raised up and heard. In the past five years, I have learned and grown through my collaborations with Laura. Supportive, enthusiastic, and extremely knowledgeable, Laura gets whatever needs to be done, done. “

       - Mellisa Cain, community organizer and owner of Iceberg Consulting

"If you're looking for someone who digs deep to understand the values driving your work, can quickly distill complicated ideas and manage complex projects and develops the most compelling case for your cause, then Laura Hale should be on your short list. I've known and worked with Laura for nearly 15 years and her skills and professionalism are unrivaled." 

       - Brian Pine, Director of the Burlington Community and Economic Development Office and former Ward 3 City Councilor

“Laura was incredible to work with on my campaign and beyond. She went out of her way not only to help teach me the logistics of running an underdog campaign but is also incredibly skilled at policy, fundraising and editing. She is well versed in the many intersections of our policy systems and how they impact people on the ground. She is very good at maintaining the voice of a writer while strengthening and tailoring the work to the audience at hand. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a thoughtful and skilled person to help take their work and/or organization to the next level.”

       - Tanya Vyhovsky, Vermont State Senator

"From my 12 years working with Laura, I've seen that she is an effective people manager, a dedicated grant finder and writer, and someone who champions good ideas from inspiration to reality. She has brought many valuable ideas to fruition in our community, such as a plant exchange and a fund for neighbors to help each other. Her grant experience includes everything from running major federal grants including an AmeriCorps program for the city, and state grants in support of community health centers. Essentially, if Laura thinks of something she'd like to learn or do, she finds a way to make it happen!"

       - Debbie Krug, ONE Good Deed Fund board member and former colleague

“Laura helped me with my campaign--reviewing my campaign pieces, editing them, giving me feedback and suggestions, and making it all so much better. ON TOP OF THAT, they gave me encouragement and support, which was honestly just as valuable. This was the first time I've ever run for a political seat, and it was stressful and challenging and Laura really helped me feel better about this new and scary space I was entering. Bonus! I won my race!”

       - Mary Catherine Graziano, Isle La Motte Selectboard

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